Meet the founder

Well Hello! Heather here, founder and owner of Just Lit Wicks. Bay area born and raised, I currently make all of our candles out of my San Francisco home, in small batches focusing on the quality and care of each blend. I live for good meals, great company, and amazing adventures, whenever I can fit them in!

“I truly love candles, but I wanted something cleaner, so I just created it.”

I don’t want to say that everyone loves candles, but, really, who doesn’t? Whether you light it for a special occasion, a meditative moment, or for something as simple as creating a vibe, there is something special that comes from the flicker of the flame and the room-filling aroma that calms the senses.

Why? What's our goal?

When I started making candles I wanted to focus on the quality; what really is in a candle?

I wanted to know all the things! How do waxes differ, where do they come from, how do some companies get that one scent just right (we all know one that comes to mind) and really, where does it all go? What am I breathing in?

That was the beginning of Just Lit Wicks. I wanted to create a simple product that is safe for the kiddos and fur babies, for those with health concerns, and leaves you feeling a certain type of way. Nothing flashy, fancy, or complicated.

It evokes emotion, a feeling, a memory. Brings peace to your soul in whatever way you feel.

Just a good candle.